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Taller Internacional sobre Computación- SCCG 2013

SCCG 2013

2nd International Workshop on Soft Computing Techniques in Cluster and Grid Computing Systems (SCCG 2013) is Part of the Eighth International Conference on P2P, Parallel, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing 3PGCIC –

The resolution of complex problems often requires using advanced approximate algorithms and huge computational resources to find accurate solutions in reasonable time. We look for high quality publications proposing soft computing techniques designed for large parallel systems as Grid or Cluster computing. Additionally, works proposing novel soft computing/metaheuristic algorithms applied to solve complex problems in the context of Grid and Cluster computing are of interest too. Therefore, the topics covered by this track include (but are not limited to) the following ones:

Soft computing techniques for real-world problems
Soft computing tools and frameworks for cluster and Grid computing
Competitive parallel algorithms
Cooperative parallel algorithms
Massively parallel algorithms
Parallel metaheuristics
Parallel evolutionary algorithms
Performance measures for Grid and Cluster computing
Reliable algorithms on uncertain environments
Parallel algorithms on GPGPU and Clusters of GPGPUs
Test benchmarks
Peer to peer algorithms
Volunteer computing
Ubiquitous computing
Cloud computing
Grid computing
Parallel optimization frameworks
Metaheuristics for scheduling
Complex and real-world problems


Submission Deadline: May 13, 2013
Notification of acceptance: June 30, 2013
Final Manuscript: July 31, 2013
Author Registration: July 31, 2013
Conference Dates: October 28-30, 2013


Authors are invited to submit full papers not more than six (6) pages (CPS proceedings manuscripts: two columns, single-spaced), including figures and references, using 10 pt. font size, and number each page. The formatting instructions for authors are available at the IEEE CPS web page:
Prepare your paper in PDF file and submit it electronically to the 3PGCIC-2013 web page in EDAS:
The submission link will be updated at a later date.

Accepted papers will be published by the IEEE Computer Society’s Conference Publishing Services (CPS) and archived in the Digital Library (CSDL, IEEE Xplore, IEEE IEL). Authors will be given guidelines in preparing and submitting the final manuscript(s) together with the notification of acceptance.


Sergio Nesmachnow, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Bernabé Dorronsoro, University of Lille, France

Publicity chair: Santiago Iturriaga, Universidad de la República, Uruguay


Enrique Alba, Universidad de Málaga, Spain
Jhon Edgar Amaya, Universidad Nacional Experimental del Tachira, Venezuela
Francisco Brasileiro, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil
Pascal Bouvry, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Juan Carlos Burguillo, Universidad de Vigo, Spain
Héctor Cancela, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Harold Castro, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
Carlos Coello, Centro de Investigación de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico
Gregoire Danoy, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Juan José Durillo, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Juan Luis Jimenez Laredo, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Gonzalo Hernández, Escuela de Ingenieria Industrial, Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile
Herbert Hoeger, Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela
Gabriel Luque, Universidad de Málaga, Spain
Francisco Luna, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Antonio Mauttone, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Johnatan Pecero, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Marcela Printista, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina
Ana Carolina Olivera, Universidad Nacional del Sur , Argentina
Franco Robledo, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
El-Gazali Talbi, University of Lille 1, France
Nicolás Wolovick, Universidad de Córdoba, Argentina
Albert Zomaya, The University of Sydney, Australia

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