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Strategic Analytics: Changing the Future of Healthcare Conference

Healthcare Conference

The MIT Sloan Latin America Office, in conjunction with Universidad de Chile, invites you to join us May 25, 2017 at the Santiago Business & Conference Center for Strategic Analytics: Changing the Future of Healthcare

This conference applies MIT’s expertise in analyzing massive data and optimizing complex systems to unravel the big, complicated underlying problems that plague the healthcare system. MIT brings to bear exciting new analytical tools and its signature strength in systems thinking to address health related problems.

Among notable speakers from Latin America, four MIT experts will join the discussion:

  • Joseph Doyle, MIT Sloan School of Management 
  • Retsef Levi, MIT Sloan School of Management 
  • Rosalind Picard, MIT Media Lab 
  • Dimitris Bertsimas, MIT Sloan School of Management

For the most current information on the conference, please visit the website:

To pre-register, please email with your name, affiliation, and contact details.