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What is a Federation and how does it work?

An Identity Federation is an association of organizations, generally coordinated by the National Research and Education Networks, which seeks that users of its affiliated institutions, known as Identity Providers (IdP), can access web resources offered by Service Providers (SP), in a more secure and efficient way.

Through the federation, both the users and the institutions that provide services, create a network of trust, through which the authenticity of the user is guaranteed and access to resources is enabled through a single digital identity. In this way, the user can access various services, by means of a Single Sign-On and using just their institutional account.


Access to multiple services with a single account
Enhanced end user experience
Safe and reliable protocol
Single point of identity management

How do I join COFRe?

Your institution may join the REUNA’s Federated Community, COFRe, in the form of Identity Provider (IdP) or Service Provider (SP). To do so, you must agree to respect the Federation Rules, the WebSSO Addendum for IdP or the WebSSO Addendum for SP (as applicable).

Once the above documents have been reviewed, you must download and send the signed Membership Agreement to the following email:

Additionally, REUNA will apply the following Rules for Metadata Registration in COFRe.

Identity Provider

It is an institution that houses the end users of the Federation. These users have a bond with that institution, such as students, professors, researchers, officials, etc. Therefore, an IdP offers the service of identity of users, meaning that it offers the validation or authentication of those users.

Service Provider

It is an institution that offers its services though the web, such as publishers, or academic institutions that offer services, such as online courses, academic databases, etc. When a user needs to access these resources, the SP must receive that user information from his/her IdP.