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R&E Networks Supporting Dengue Fever Management in the Caribbean

This 1/2-day session, facilitated by the Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network, CKLN, and the Caribbean Public Health Agency, CARPHA, is designed for clinicians, researchers and network engineers to share experiences tackling & managing dengue fever & the chikungunya virus in the Caribbean and Latin America and to learn how the R&E networks in the region (such as C@ribNET and RedCLARA) can support and facilitate the collaborative work of medical/health-related groups/communities and health-related research. The national R&E network, TTRENT, is also supporting the event as they manage the national R&E network interests on behalf of the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

This session is deemed a primary area of concern for the entire Caribbean basin (inclusive of Central American countries, southern states of the USA) and many coastal and interior countries in South America as all are affected by dengue fever. The Caribbean is also particularly concerned about Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne viral disease currently spreading throughout the region.

This session follows the lead of Trans EurAsia Information Network (TEIN) Cooperation Center which jointly organized a dedicated Dengue Fever workshop at the Asia Pacific Advanced Networking (APAN) meeting in January in Bandung, Indonesia. CKLN is collaborating with TEIN*CC (managers of the Asia-Pacific network, TEIN) to adapt the workshop model to the Caribbean context to help build regional communities, using the regional R&E newtork, C@ribNET which is managed by CKLN.

Thursday June 12, 2014 from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM AST

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