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Big Data and Big Water: Machine Learning from Ocean Vessel Trajectory Data

La Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María invita a seguir la transmisión en vivo de la charla “Big Data and Big Water”, que ofrecerá el profesor Stan Matwin (Universidad de Dalhousie, Halifax, Canadá). Esta actividad se realizará el viernes 6 de noviembre, desde las 14:30 hrs. y es organizada por la Asociación Chilena de Reconocimiento de Patrones (ACHIRP). 

Resumen: In this presentation we will focus on the ongoing work in exploration and analysis of data from ocean vessel movements, using the Automatic Identification System (AIS) data. We will discuss some of the challenges and benefits related to the large- scale management, exploration and analysis of AIS data using Machine Learning techniques and advanced data management tools. We will look at detection of anomalous trajectories of ships in mid-ocean and in port vicinity, and at the ecologically-oriented detection and analysis of data related to fishing activities. We will discuss our early results in these select applications, including data representation and data modeling techniques, particularly the clustering techniques, classification, and attribute engineering used in our work. We will round up with discussion of potential future work with AIS data.

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